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Updated: May 5, 2020

I am pleased to be able to help essential workers in these tough times. As a local business I appreciate your support and am open 24hrs during all lockdown levels providing a contactless service.

I've taken a number of steps that assist to ensure your safety and the safety of myself. I use gloves and disposable car seat covers to minimise contact when working on your vehicle. Make a booking via 027 331 7461.

Contactless Car Servicing Now Available

To remove the need for personal contact I am providing:

  • Vehicle pick up and return service or contactless key drop off and vehicle collection

  • Contactless payment options

  • All staff are using disposable gloves and hand sanitiser

  • Disposable car seat covers used in all vehicles

  • Air con switched off in vehicles being worked on

  • Strict workshop hygiene practices

Service Includes In-Car Sanitisation

Our service includes sanitising the following “high touch” areas within your vehicle. We diligently clean the following areas with a safe, alcohol / detergent before and after maintenance:

  • Door handles (exterior and interior)

  • Steering wheel

  • Centre console

  • Gear shifter/selector

  • Park brake handle

  • Radio/HVAC areas

  • Touchscreen

  • Ignition button

  • Driver’s door armrest

  • Window/seat/mirror controls

  • Rear view mirror

  • Seatbelt buckle and anchor

  • Rear boot lid tailgate button/handle

  • Bonnet and latch

  • Fuel door

  • Key fob

So, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle will be maintained to the highest standards to help keep you safe on the roads and healthy at home.

Dead to Alive Engines

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