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Dead to Alive Engines can make your motor come alive. Computer simulated design means every make and model out there, from vintage and classics to the latest releases can be optimized to outperform your competitors. I know your car is important to you, which is why I am here to help improve its current and future performance. Book today for a tune-up and a diagnosis or for a complete engine strip down and summary of past reconditioning and modifications. Spend less by doing it once.

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An Important part of your engine repair is having it stripped down by a professional. Careful removal of fasteners, broken bolts/studs, thread repair and methodical disassembly means your engine will survive another round. Precision measurement that is documented means parts can be quoted and ordered fast to get your engine back firing on all cylinders again



Thorough cleaning is required for all engine builds. Removing rust/paint and oil from iron blocks to de-carbonating cylinder heads. Not only is a clean engine easier to paint but it also makes quick work for crack detection. Start with a good usable core and have the cylinder head(s) and block crack tested and you won't be crying with a dead engine later in the game.



Once it is determined that you have usable core components, data can be entered into the computer simulator. Here I will be looking at the effects of changing the bore and stroke of the engine, changing the rod/stroke ratio, compression ratio, piston speed, camshaft design,valve sizes and inlet/exhaust airflow comparisons. Now I can evaluate which modifications will suit your budget the best and I can create a parts list and quote your motor.

Ford v8
Holden v6
Ford Inline 6
Chevrolet SB Race Engine v8
Ford Inline 6
Mopar Inline 6
Chevrolet v8
Ford v8 Windsor

Not Just American v8s

Dead to Alive Engines also caters to the Japanese import market too.

The popular Nissan RB, SR, VQ, VR, VH and VK are all stout engines to choose from when you are choosing an engine family.

Likewise Toyota 3S, 5S, 4A, JZ, UZ and UR are all practical choices for choosing a performance engine family to begin with

Except no mercy from Honda. From the tried and true B series as well as the H and F families for hot rodding combinations galore, these engines are well over engineered. The newer K series is a weapon in 4 cylinder disguise, Honda engines are guaranteed to generate a smile.

Mitsubishi engines are a pleasure to modify. Like the previous engines listed they respond well to subtle changes. Known for their monster 4 cylinder torque the 4G6 and 4G9 families as well as the newer 4B engines offer plently of grunt to get the turbo singing.

No matter what engine you have and where its origins lie, Dead to Alive Engines will always come through to make that motor fly.

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