Dead to Alive Engines will fix your automotive Warrant of Fitness issues immediately! Ready and willing for any challenge your vehicle may offer. Typical repairs include


Worn Disc Brake

From quick brake pad replacement all the way to complex balance and vibration issues I can offer the highest quality customer service and will treat your automobile as if it were my own. Don't be caught dead. Roll off with your brakes feeling brand new. You’ll be amazed by the difference my Brake Repair services will make.

Other brake repairs include- 

Bulging hoses

Leaking hoses, lines and fittings
Worn and warped brake rotors

Brake caliper rebuilding

Master cylinder rebuilding

Brake booster problems

Brake Fluid Replacement

Drum brake overhaul

Performance brake upgrades


control arm and bushes

Don’t let steering and suspension problems get in your way. I use the proper equipment and experience to locate, repair and/or replace the issue quickly and effectively. Call now to take care of your needs today. Your cars ability to steer and absorb bumps and twists is vital in keeping you on the road and alive. 

Typical repairs include-

Ball joint replacement

Control arm bush replacement

CV Boot and shaft repair and replacement

Shock absorber replacement

Power steering leaks

Steering rack repairs

Sway bar bushes

Strut tower bearings/bush

Tie rod inner replacement

Tie rod outter replacement


Image by Max

Did you know that lights are one of the most commonly failed items during a Warrant of Fitness. I make sure all your lights are bright and alive. Headlight bulb replacement aswell as electrical fault diagnosis and repair. Making sure other drivers can see and your directions you is reducing hazzards on the road.

Typical light repairs include-

Headlight and other bulb replacement

Polishing headlight lenses or replacement

Combination switch repair and replacement (indicator stalk)

Headlight aim reset

Electrical fault finding and repair



Severe Oil Leaks will result in a failed WoF. Rubber steering and suspension parts will deteriorate much sooner when they are soaked in oil from an oil leak. Fluid leaks that come from any hydraulic brake part or power steering part will also see a failed result in a WoF check. Contact Warren @ Dead to Alive Engines today 

Classic Oil Leak repairs tend to be

Engine Sump and or Sump Plug Damage
Oil Filter Leaking
Diesel Injector Pump Leaking
Clutch Master Cylinder
Engine Rocker Cover Gasket 
Power Steering hoses/fittings/connections

Power Steering Pump Leaking