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Mechanic Wrench


I founded Dead to Alive Engines in 2014 to proudly serve family and friends. Now in 2021 I have established a new age of car repair and continue to grow and develop my brand. With our ever evolving online world auto repair must change with the times.  

I grew up in love with the power and feel of Drag Racing. My main interest is Engine Reconditioning and Engine building in which I gained qualifications in Automotive Machining in 2009. 

I am a one man team that is passionate about cars, and bring that passion to the work I do.  Professional, quick and careful I will send you home driving a safe vehicle. 

Special thanks goes to my previous employers who have taught me a ton of knowledge over my career.

-Automotive Engineering Services in Cambridge,  Phillip Dove taught me countless repair techniques that I will keep forever and always gave me new challenges forcing me to learn and imprint logical thinking processes into my brain. Huge variety of work from fabrication jobs, trucks, tractors, trailers, mini's, mustangs, you name it. This is the workplace is where I learnt the best skills because thinking on your feet is a must.  

-The Engine Shop, Hamilton, Gus always gave me lead roles in the workshop and continually boosted my confidence by working together to find the best solutions. It was a standout position for me over my career, there was never a quiet day as he says "it never stops at the engine shop" 


-Cambridge Engine Services, Jim Carlyle, much the same Jim always quizzed my brain with problems that needed solutions where we could nut out new ways of thinking and find innovative ideas through forward thinking. Some of my best compliments came from Jim calling me a "wizard" on several occasions as well as "top of the class my son" For anyone who knows Jim these are massive and I am truly honored to have worked with him.

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