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Engine failure of the week

Nissan Navara D40

I got called because this motor was running very rough, (very suprised it ran at all)

Upon cranking I could hear the engine was down on a cylinder. While my scantool was running through I thought I should hook up my picoscope and run a relative compression test. Sure enough cylinder one was down on compression. Engine computer had a code P0016, camshaft/crankshaft correlation fault. This means the engine computer isnt happy where the camshaft and crankshaft are relative to each other(wonder why?)

So thought I would pop a cover off and have a look at whats going on and found this while turning the motor over by hand. The cam chain has stretched so badly that the chain jumped a tooth and the motor has had an internal collision between a piston and valve, with nowhere to go the camshaft sprocket and camshaft have also destroyed each other. Here in the picture you can see where there is a locating pin for the sprocket is hanging out in the wind where it shouldnt be. Still laughing to myself how this motor ran at all

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